Friday, July 8, 2011

The Boston Beer Party

Everyone remembers hearing about the Boston Tea Party in History class.  To recap, people got pissed at the British government and dumped out barrels of tea in protest.  History repeated itself in Wisconsin, but instead of dumping tea it was shitty MillerCoors instead.  The protest was organized by Will Glass co-owner of Fire House bar in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and was in response to Motion 414.  This motion is the add-on law that was pushed through with the Wisconsin budget by Governor Scott Walker.  The law restricts the ability of micro brewers to self distribute and helps the large brewers corner the market.  The motion was supported by MillerCoors.  The governor refused to veto the provision.

Check out Beer & Whiskey Brothers for the full interview of Will Glass and video of some of the beer party action.

Motion 414 is just another bullshit move proving our government is lead by paid off assholes.  Our country is being puppeted by corporations and at the expense of the people.  When are we going to wake up and take a stand?  The corporations are robbing this country blind with bail outs, tax loop holes, and bribery.  Our local industries are being gutted and our jobs shipped overseas.  And now we have a global conglomerate operated MillerCoors shitting on local breweries in Wisconsin courtesy of their own governor.  Please people, read the message in the sand.  Don't base all your political views on the propoganda spewed from our televisions.  Stop the silly Republican/Democrat quabbling.  Both parties are one in the same and all of them with their own pre-paid agendas.  Our country is circling the bowl and the corporations are laughing their way to the bank.  When is enough, enough?

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